For a visa application for seasonal work purposes, the following documentation is required: 

  • Formal petition application;

  • Passport or additional valid travel document, for the duration of the travel;

  • Passport photograph;

  • Return ticket;

  • Valid travel insurance, including necessary medical expenses, medical emergency and medical repatriation;

  • Certificate of being in a regular situation when the applicant is from a different nationality than that of the country where the visa is being requested;

  • Proof of means of subsistence, in compliance with legal requirements set by the competent Government entity;

  • Work contract or valid work offer for seasonal work purposes, with a temporary work company or an employer established in Portuguese territory, identifying the location, time, type of work, as well as duration, salary and paid vacation;

  • In the case of regulated professions, compliance with national legal requirements for that profession is mandatory;

  • Adequate medical protection, in similar terms to national citizens, or medical insurance for the periods that may not be covered by medical protection; as well as work accidents insurance provided for the employer;

  • Dignified accommodation, through a rental lease or equivalent. Accommodation can also be provided by the employer, in compliance with existing legal requirements.

The work activity must be registered in the list of work sectors for which seasonal work is available, defined by competent authorities. The current sectors, defined by Order n.º 745/2018 of 17 January, are:

  • Agriculture, livestock, hunting, forestry and fishing;
  • Hospitality, restaurants and similar;
  • Food industry, liquor and tobacco industries;
  • Gross and Retail commerce;
  • Construction;
  • Land transport.
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