A Schengen Visa is an authorization issued by one of the Member-States for the purpose of airport transit, transit or an intended short stay in a territory of one or more Member-States, allowing its holder to present him/herself at the external frontier, but does not automatically guarantee his/her respective entrance, which will be decided by the border authorities upon arrival.

The Schengen visa is a short-stay visa for a maximum period of ninety (90) days during any hundred and eighty (180) days period and can be granted for tourism, family visit, business, seasonal work, transit, among others.

A short-stay visa does not necessarily grant the holder the right to enter the Schengen area. At the border (or any control point) the visa holder may have to display the visa or provide additional documentation, including proofing financial means for the duration of the stay and for the return trip.

The applicant shall appear in person at the consular post of the applicant´s area of residency.

The visa request instruction should provide justification regarding the objective and conditions of stay. If necessary, the consular post may schedule an interview, in person, with the applicant, to be held within two weeks of the date of application. All documents are to be produced in their original form, including copies.

Necessary documents being considered admissible as well as the payment of the visa fee for the administrative processing of the visa application does not entail a visa being granted, nor does it entail a refund in case of refusal.

When collecting your passport always check the data on the visa sticker.

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