A mandatory requirement for the lodging of a long-term stay visa application is providing proof that the applicant has sufficient means of subsistence to live in Portugal, or that he will be able to aquire such means upon arrival. 

The criteria to determine means of subsistence is based on the minimum monthly salary - currently in 2024 - amounting to 820€ (PCM Regulatory Decree n.º 107/2023, of the 17th December), net of any social security deductions, with a per capita increase for each family unit as follows:

  • First adult 100%; 
  • Second adult and additional adults 50%;
  • Children and young people under 18 years of age and non-minor dependent children 30%.


Must be considered means arising from grants, scholarships, contract or promise of an employment contract, society contract or contract or written proposal for a service provision contract. 


Depending on the purpose and duration of the stay, the following documents should be included: 


TEMPORARY STAY (Less than 1 year)

RESIDENCY (Over 1 year)

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